Benefits of Hiring a Photo Booth for Your Wedding Abroad

Hiring a photo booth for your wedding abroad might be the best decision you’ll make during this special day and here’s why:

Personal Souvenirs

The best thing about photo booths is that they often double as souvenirs. Pictures can be programmed to come out with customized banners and frames that proclaim the event. This means that when your guest walks out the door, she’ll have a picture of herself reminding her of the wonderful wedding of two very happy people.

Cheap Cost

Photo booths are often offered at a package with a set number of pictures allowed or perhaps rented on an hourly basis. Now, you might think this is too expensive – but when used as a souvenir, photo booths are actually cost-efficient. Just find out how many guests you’ll have and increase it by 10% to make sure you’ll have enough. Some providers, including OMG Photo Booths also offer unlimited pictures at an hourly fixed rate. Compared to buying souvenirs for everyone, the total expense is relatively smaller.


The designs on the pictures can be customized to your specifications. This means you can easily have pre-captured couple pictures on the side, making the souvenir even more personal. Dates, thank you, and venues can all be placed on the print, ensuring that your guests will definitely have something to remember when they go home.

Fun Captured Moments

One of biggest attractions of photo booths is the fact that they give you the opportunity to take fun and wacky photos. Wedding events are typically formal affairs with the wedding party usually sitting around in their best poses. The photo booth is where everyone can let loose! Show a funny grin, assume a wacky pose, and just have fun while making memories. This way, your guests will remember just how much fun they had on your special day. To make it even more fun, photo booths typically come with wacky hats, costumes, and beards that guests can wear.

Instant Results

Who wants to wait around until they get the pictures from the wedding? Despite the digital age, the fact is that wedding photos usually take a few days before being developed and distributed. With a photo booth however, you get your pictures in just a few seconds!

Of course, those are just few of the benefits of hiring a photo booth for your wedding. Keep in mind that when hiring a photo booth, you should find a provider with extensive experience in the service. Ideally, photo booths should come with a representative who operates the booth and capable of fixing it should there be any problems.