Tips for Hiring a Wedding Car

There are so many details that have to go right to create the ideal wedding. Even the seemingly small ones are important and can contribute to either the success or failure of your entire plan. That said, you should never underestimate the task of hiring a wedding car. Simon from South Wales Weddings, gives us 4 tips on what to do when looking for your perfect vehicle The last thing you want is to have problems right on the wedding day itself. Here are some tips that can come in handy if you are hiring a wedding car.

  1. Plan in advance – One common mistake couples do is underestimating the task of hiring a wedding car. They put it off at the last minute and it ends up giving them problems they otherwise would have avoided. Book early as other couples are looking to book theirs as well. What’s more, there’s no way to predict how fast slots get filled up, so it’s best to secure the hire ahead of time. In fact, wedding planners recommend reserving a car at least 6 months ahead of time.
  1. Prioritize comfort – A lot of people make looks their first priority in their selection of wedding cars. While there is no problem with that if you’re comfy with the car you picked, there are some cars that are simply not suitable for a task such as carrying you to your wedding. It is important that you feel comfortable riding on the car as soon as you step in. One good test to determine comfort is to imagine yourself getting out of the car wearing your full wedding garb. If you can do it with no sweat, you got the right car.
  1. Decide how many people you’re riding with- Some wedding cars would only transport the bride (and maybe the groom later). Other wedding cars may also give a ride for their entourage (think the parents, the bridesmaids, etc.). The number of people you are riding with is also an important consideration for your search. If you’re riding with multiple people, it’s best to go for a spacious ride such as an SUV or even a limo.
  1. Match your car with the wedding style – Some cars fit specific wedding themes better than others. The type of theme you have in mind also plays a role in your selection process. For example, if you want a vintage-style wedding, a classic car that has visited Whoops Wheels Fix It for alloy wheel repair would be the best choice. If you want a luxurious approach, a limo (or at least a saloon) should be your ride. If you want something more edgy, hiring a sports car might be your best bet.