Perfect wedding present ideas

Wine has a number of cultural significance. There is different variety of wine. It is suitable as a wedding gift too. This is a perfect wedding gift idea for a newly married couple.

One of the most significant and auspicious day in everyone’s life is their wedding day. There are so many types of ceremonies and vents revolving around the new couple. If you are invited at a wedding function, the first and foremost thing you may worry about is the wedding present. There are so many different choices that you have for wedding presents and it is important to choose a present which is sophisticated and thoughtful. Of course, the bride will already be wearing stunning jewellery, so jewellery is out of the question. But have you considered that a perfect present for the wedding day would be high quality wine. Here we are going to give you some insights which would help you choose the right wine.

Fable and origin of wine

It is not known when it was discovered but according to a fable wine was discovered accidentally by a princess during the 6000BC. It is said that she lost favor with the kind and tried to commit suicide eating stale grapes and ended up completely drunk. Though it is not very sure whether this is actually the origin and there are several more such anecdotes regarding the origin at many places across the world.

Finding the right wine

There are many different variety of wine which is available to you. The best way to choose the right wine depends on variety of factors. The budget that you have and the type of wine you are looking for altogether determine the right wine for you. The expense of the wine increases depending on how old the wine is. At twelve by seventy five we provide you with ideas which you would love surely as a present and wine is the best symbol of sophistication you can find.

Is it appropriate?

Depending on the relation you have the person whom you are gifting, the wine is suitable as a wedding present. A well decorated bottle of wine is the perfect gift you can have for somebody. A bouquet of white roses along with it in a wicker basket altogether is the perfect sight to behold and a thoughtful gift too. The cultural significance of wine in Christianity makes it a symbolic gift as well.

Other options

A bottle of wine can be given as a wedding fit along with any other gift as well. You can give the wine bottle alone too. However the wine bottle is a gift that is also a symbol of elitism and power which make a gift suited for any wedding ceremony.