Perfect wedding present ideas

Wine has a number of cultural significance. There is different variety of wine. It is suitable as a wedding gift too. This is a perfect wedding gift idea for a newly married couple.

One of the most significant and auspicious day in everyone’s life is their wedding day. There are so many types of ceremonies and vents revolving around the new couple. If you are invited at a wedding function, the first and foremost thing you may worry about is the wedding present. There are so many different choices that you have for wedding presents and it is important to choose a present which is sophisticated and thoughtful. Of course, the bride will already be wearing stunning jewellery, so jewellery is out of the question. But have you considered that a perfect present for the wedding day would be high quality wine. Here we are going to give you some insights which would help you choose the right wine.

Fable and origin of wine

It is not known when it was discovered but according to a fable wine was discovered accidentally by a princess during the 6000BC. It is said that she lost favor with the kind and tried to commit suicide eating stale grapes and ended up completely drunk. Though it is not very sure whether this is actually the origin and there are several more such anecdotes regarding the origin at many places across the world.

Finding the right wine

There are many different variety of wine which is available to you. The best way to choose the right wine depends on variety of factors. The budget that you have and the type of wine you are looking for altogether determine the right wine for you. The expense of the wine increases depending on how old the wine is. At twelve by seventy five we provide you with ideas which you would love surely as a present and wine is the best symbol of sophistication you can find.

Is it appropriate?

Depending on the relation you have the person whom you are gifting, the wine is suitable as a wedding present. A well decorated bottle of wine is the perfect gift you can have for somebody. A bouquet of white roses along with it in a wicker basket altogether is the perfect sight to behold and a thoughtful gift too. The cultural significance of wine in Christianity makes it a symbolic gift as well.

Other options

A bottle of wine can be given as a wedding fit along with any other gift as well. You can give the wine bottle alone too. However the wine bottle is a gift that is also a symbol of elitism and power which make a gift suited for any wedding ceremony.

What Constitutes a Good Wedding Caterer?

Catering services are great, because they bring the food straight to your home, and you don’t have to bother one bit. Nowadays, they are becoming more and more popular, especially for big celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings, etc. But, how to know which catering services are good and which are not? Well, we give you 10 things that should tell you which wedding caterer is good enough to get its name in The Wedding Guide and thus prove that they’re one of the best.


1 – Food

The food is the most important thing when it comes to catering. The food may look beautiful, and the decorations might seem nice, but at the end of the day, if the food isn’t tasty, the catering service is bad, and it’s that simple. So, you need to find a catering service that offers tasty food, you’ll also need a bar too to keep your guest refreshed with fresh beverages that have been optimised with a Co2 cylinder. the Co2 gas used to liven up the beer will make sure your guests drink will taste great!

2 – Food safety

Good catering service should be careful when it comes to food, and prepare it only in the safest conditions possible. There are Government agencies that check for food safety and give catering services marks. Only choose those catering services that have good marks.

3 – Customer service

Good catering services have to be great in dealing with their customers. They should consider their needs when designing menus, offering new meals, considering the introduction of new services, etc. Good communication with customers is essential for a good relationship with clients, and it helps in company’s advertisement via word of mouth.

4 – Flexibility and creativity

Sometimes, there is a need to adjust some of the recopies in order to deal with customers who have allergies, or are not able to eat certain foods due to health of religious reasons. An imaginative and adaptable catering service is always more popular than the ones who are not those things.

5 – Leadership

A good catering service must have a good leader or leaders who can manage the entire teams of cooks, drivers, designers, etc. They must be good at scheduling, place setting, serving their customers and oblige all the food safety regulations.

6 – Motivation

Caterers should be enthusiastic and willing to work and promote themselves and help their company. They also ought to be motivated enough to work even during the busiest days of the year, which can be tough sometimes. But, that’s how you can differentiate good caterers from the bad ones.

7 – Financial planning

A good catering service has to have a good financial planner. Weekends are usually busier that weekdays, and all that business has to be spread evenly. And not just evenly throughout the week, but also throughout the year, because finances should last even during the slow months of the year.

8 – Business management

Catering service is not just a food-making company. It’s also a place that provides for its workers, so it needs a good business manager who would be able to keep track of everything, and make sure the company continues to make profit and pay salaries to their employees.

9 – Marketing

Good marketing is also very important for catering services. They need to get themselves out there, and allow people to hear about them and all the great deals they offer. However, at the end of the day, a good word of mouth is the best marketing a company could have.

10 – Attention to detail

This is extremely important for a company that desires to be a good catering firm. Customers like when companies have everything in order, which goes for catering services as well. So, each detail should be perfect.

You Can’t Go Wrong With A Professional Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography can be divided into two kinds. These are rehearsed or setup and live photography. Rehearsed or setup photography only requires a small amount of effort and time to make it successful and capture great photos since the poses can be redone and retaken as many times possible to get them right. On the other hand, live photography has a greater challenge since poses and scenarios are not rehearsed or setup. They can only be taken once. With so much going on during the wedding ceremony, a lot of things could go wrong or turn out entirely different from what you expected. On contrary, hiring a professional wedding photographer is the one thing you can’t go wrong with.

Though flops or failed scenes during the wedding ceremony is not something a photographer can avoid, they still have the luxury of deciding whether to include or exclude such scenes on the wedding album. However, one thing that a professional wedding photographer Essex has head over heels got an edge over amateur photographers is the ability to capture everything that is right in the wedding ceremony. The right angle, brightness, moments and feelings which is most of the time impossible to replicate in any given period during the wedding ceremony and will not go unnoticed to the trained eye of a professional wedding capturing the great photos at the right moment, you can be sure that the wonderful experience you and your partner enjoyed throughout the wedding along with the guests are perfectly caught within the wedding album. This relieves you from the worries that there are scenes and events during the wedding which you will definitely regret if not included in your wedding album or your pefect haircut by Drakes of London wasn’t documented. Even the unexpected situations no matter how silly or disastrous can become a great memory with the help of a professional photographer.

A professional wedding photographer can also coordinate with your wedding planner to capture all the preparation including the wonderful dresses, elegant venue and amazing cake even before you and your guests can see them. Hiring a professional wedding photographer will not only provide amazing wedding pictures but also arrange the whole album in a way that the pictures tell a story about the incredible journey of the couple towards the beginning of their family.

If you are leaving the preparation to a professional wedding planner to make sure that everything in the wedding is what you dream about, then go beyond by hiring a professional wedding photographer. Whether it is the experience or result, you can never go wrong with a professional wedding photographer.

5 Things To Remember When Hiring A Magician For A Wedding

If you’re in the middle of planning a wedding and you’re thinking about hiring a magician, you’re probably worried about how to know if you’re dealing with a good one. There are a lot of magicians out there, but the question is, who is tricking you and who can do real magic tricks? Don’t worry, thanks to the advice from other wedding magicians we are here to help you be able to tell them apart, so you can enjoy your event with a special participation of a magician to make that day not disappear but explode with fun! Here are some pointers for you to remember:

Know The Magicians Type Of Magic And Type Of Show

You could be lucky enough to be talking to the best magician in town but if his specialization as magician doesn’t fit your needs, it still won’t workout. You may need one for a children’s party but the one you’re talking to is better when it comes to corporate events. Know if his training is on Close up, Mix and Mingle, Cabaret/Stage Show, Mind Readers and Illusionists. Then you’ll know if you’re both on the same page.

Set A Reasonable Budget

As mentioned, there are tons of magicians; it’ll help narrow down the search by knowing just how much you can shell out for one. Once that’s settled, you simply search for magicians within your budgets’ range.

It’s Best To Hire A Magician Who Is Highly Recommended By A Friend Or Relative

When you’re on the hunt for a performer, try asking around if they could recommend you someone. A person wouldn’t speak highly of someone they don’t personally know unless they’ve witness how great the magician is for themselves.

If Possible, Ask For His/Her Past Clients Contact Information

Another way to be certain of a performer’s caliber and attitude during a job is through is past clients. If your guy has a website, take the time to read through the testimonials. If not, see if you can speak with a few of his past clients and ask for feedback.

Ask For A Video Of His/Her Performance

What’s proof is more reliable than a candid video of his performance or show? If you started contacting a few magicians, ask them to bring a video of their show in your meet ups so you can see for yourself.