Getting to Know Wine Tours

Wine is one of the most prized beverages in the world. The production of fine wine is considered as a science in itself, and the best products are always in high demand. In fact, some people are willing to travel to different parts of the globe in the pursuit of the best wines the world has to offer. In fact, these travels are so commonplace that it birthed a segment of tourism on its own. What are wine tours, what can you expect to get in these tours, and where are the best places to do it?

Wine tours are trips that revolve around the pursuit of tasting, consuming, or buying wines. Such tours involve going to different places involved in the making of wine such as vineyards, wineries, and establishments that specialize in serving fine wine. This type of tourism has proven to be such a big hit that even the local governments of popular wine-producing locales have promoted its further expansion. Together with the growth of wine-producing communities came the growth of the local hospitality industry to accommodate this influx of “wine tourists”.

Different countries in the world have already embraced the presence of wine tours. Traditional producers of wine (also called the “Old World” producers) such as Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, and Hungary have embraced this form of tourism, seeing it as an opportunity to further establish their reputation as the places to visit for great wine. At the same time, “New World” wine producers such as the United States, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, and Australia have embraced the wine tourism industry. As a growing field in tourism, wine tours brought profits for the locals and the national government. Perhaps more importantly, wine tours help in promoting local wines locally and internationally.

There are many places in the world where you can do wine tours. One of the best out there is French Wine Tours at La Grande Maison d’Arthenay. Situated within the UNESCO Heritage Site FrenchParc Naturel Regional Loire-Anjou, this tour will give you a great up-close look of this local wine-growing community. With more than 12 years of experience, Loire Wine Tours is still the original when it comes to wine tours in this area. Giving you the chance to stay at the vineyards, these tours allow you to witness organic French winemaking. Different tour packages are available for wine testers, ranging from day-tours to full weekend getaways.